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Fleer Ultra Spider-Man Gold Foil Signature Series 1995

Number of Regular Cards: 150-complete(not shown)
Chase Set 1: 150 Signatures (Gold signature over regular cards)
Chase Set 2: 9 Golden Web (Metallic Embossed)
Chase Set 3: 9 Masterpieces (Metallic Embossed)
Chase Set 4: 10 ClearChrome (Partially-Transparant Chrome)
Chase Set 5: 6 Holoblasts (Art over Holograms)



1997 Spider-Man Fleer Ultra
Number of Regular Cards: 81 Red-complete(not shown)
Chase Set 1: 81 'Blue' Cards(missing #2,6,45,67)

The following artists are known to have contributed Sketchograph cards: Chris Bachalo, Ed Benes, Joe Bennett, Sal Buscema, Steven Butler, Bernard Chang, Gene Colan, Roger Cruz, Shannon Denton, Mike Deodato Jr., Terry Dodson, Steve Epting, Ron Frenz, Tom Grummett, Mark Irwin, Adam Kubert, Andy Kubert, Joe Kubert, Stan Lee, Ron Lim, Bob McLeod, Tom McWeeney, Al Milgrom, Tom Morgan, Carlos Mota, Pat Olliffe, Tom Palmer, John Romita Sr., Luke Ross, Michael Ryan, Alex Saviuk, Bill Sienkiewicz, Joe Sinnott, Steve Skroce, Mike Wieringo, Mike Zeck.I have NONE

1997 Fleer Reprints (aka Fleer International)
Number of Regular Cards: 50 -complete -

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reprints 50 of the 1997 Fleer Ultra series


Spider-Man Premium -Eternal Evil-1996
Number of Regular Cards: 100
-complete(not shown)
Chase Set 1: 6 Canvas (Oil Painted, Thick Canvas Texture)
Chase Set 2: 3 Holomotion


"The Amazing Spider-Man"-exclusive Mark Bagley Art
Number of Regular Cards: 150-complete
Chase Set 1: 12 Suspended Animation Cards (Partially transparant plasticards)
Chase Set 2: 4 Holograms (Full Holograms)
Chase Set 3: 6 Gold Web (Gold Metallic, Jumbo Pack Inserts)-need
Chase Set 4: 6 Gold Web (Gold Metallic, Wal-Mart)-need

Additional material:Bagley MasterPrints

1-Powers,2-Strangest Transformations, 3-Enemies, 4-Enemies, 5-Allies

Amazing Spider-Man (1962 - 30th - 1992)
Number of Regular Cards: 5
Chase Sets: None

Distributed by Impel


30th Anniversary 1962-1992 Spider-Man II

Number of Regular Cards: 90-complete

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Chase Set 1: 6 Prism Cards (P7 - P12)
Additional Material: Uncut prism sheet. Promo card. Promo prism.

McFarlane Era Spider-Man
Number of Regular Cards: 90-complete not shown
Chase Set 1: 6 Prism Cards (P1 - P6)-I have None
Additional Material: Uncut prism sheet. Promo card.

Spider-Man Movie Cards
Number of Regular Cards: 100 complete not shown
Chase Set 1: 5 Web Tech Foil (foil background and glitter weblines)complete
Chase Set 2: 5 Holograms ("hologram-like")missing #1 & 2
Chase Set 3: 5 Web Shooter Clear Cards-missing #1
Chase Set 4: 10 Glow-In-The-Dark Stickers (peel-off cards)mising #1,6 & 10
Additional Material: Marketing fold-out pamphlet

Spider-Man 3


# Spider-Man FilmCardz
Number of Regular Cards: 72 complete-not shown
Chase Set 1: 9 Chase FilmCardz
Chase Set 2: 6 Rare FilmCardz-none
Chase Set 3: 3 Ultra-Rare FilmCardz-none
Chase Set 4: Autographed FilmCardz-none
Promo Set: 5 Promo Cards-missing #3,4, & 5
Additional Material: Fold-out pamphlet. Binder. Projector. Uncut mini-sheet.

Spider-Man Metallic Impressions Limited Edition


#1-20 complete

Spider-Man Embossed Metal Collector Cards









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