The World's Greatest Super Hero



Volume four








Creative Masters

Writers: Dan Slott (25-32,789-792) Christos Gage(25,29,30,790) Jacob Chabot(25)

Hannah Blumenreich(25) Mike Costa (792)

Artists:Stuart Immnonen (25-31,789-791) Todd Nauck (25) Ray-Anthony Height(25)

Jordan Gibson(25) Greg Smallwood (32) Ryan Stegman (792)






Have a great reading experience

The Osborn Identity



Part One: "Bug Hunt"

Police & Thieves

"Spider-Man Tsum-Up"

"Mutts Ado about Nothing"





Stuart Immonen Variant








Venomized Variant

Dave Johnson








"Fight or Flight"


"A Private War"


"One on One"



Secret Empire



"Rightful Ruler "



"Master Planning "



"End of an Empire"




"Once a Goblin"

Personal Demon




Marvel Legacy

Marvel Legacy


"The Fall of Parker"

part 1

"Top to Bottom"



Marvel Legacy


"The Fall of Parker"

part 2

"Breaking Point "



Marvel Legacy


"The Fall of Parker"

part 3

"Back to Ground"





Amazing Spider-man & Venom

Venom Inc.

Writer:Dan Slott-Mike Costa

Artist:Ryan Stegman (Alpha/Omega)Amazing Spider-Man #792,793-Venom #160

Gerardo Sandoval (Venom 159,160)



Venom Inc.


Part 1



Venom Inc


Granov Variant



Amazing Spider-Man


Part 2






Part 3



Amazing Spider-Man


Part 4





Part 5




Venom Inc.-Omega-Part 6



Writer:Dan Slott-Mike Costa(794,795)

Artist:Stuart Immnonen (794), Mike Hawthorne (795)

Threat Level:Red


part 1-Last Chance




Guest Starring Loki:

The Sorcerer Supreme

part 2-The Favor


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