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Power Pack #1-62 Lot F-VF

Marvel eXiles #1-19 complete run VF-NM


Spider-Man #40-69 F-VF Lot
Ultimate Spider-Man #1-10 full run complete VF
Marvel Untold Tales of Spider-Man #1-25, annuals
Ghost Rider full run lot
Amazing Spider-Man Variants VF-NM
1995 Fleer Ultra SPIDER-MAN cards ULTRA PRINTS - Rare Carnage plus 6 others
1990's Spider-Man the Animated Series cartoon promotional cells full set of 6
Spider-Man Saga/Marvel Tales F-VF Lot
Cloak and Dagger 1985 #1,2,3, & 4 F-VF
  Cloak and Dagger Full run Lot #2
  Original Ghost Rider full run lot
X Force annuals,trades, #123-129 VF+ full run
  Scarlet Witch/Vision- Avengers Forever Lot F-VF
Hulk #1-37 full run complete-annual/vs.Thing Lot VF
  Marvel Cinematic Universe War Machine 1-25 /US War Machine 1-9 full run lot
  X-Men 31-38 VF
Rogue/Phoenix/Mystique Mini Series Lot VF
  Rom SpaceKnight #1 Annual #1
Spider-Woman full run complete
  Spirits of Vengence/Blaze full run lot
Ghost Rider/Blaze Spirits of Vengence full run lot
  Marvel Cinematic Universe Max Thor complete series VF
Peter Parker Spider-Man #26 through #50 full run annual Lot VF
Peter Parker Spider-Man #25 through #50 full run variant Lot VF
Peter Parker Spider-Man #80 through #98 full run,annual Lot VF


Peter Parker Spider-Man #2-24 full run,annual Lot VF


Deadpool 31-37 VF+

  Amazing/Sensational Spider-Man Back in Black #539-542 Sensational #37







































































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